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Retail Security Characteristics

To be a security guard in the retail sector, one of the key characteristics you will require is a focused mind and a keen eye for detail. Stores of all shapes and sizes see vast numbers of people moving in and out of their doors every day, and it is the job of retail security to mind all of these people. Not just anyone can do it, which is why in this month’s article we’ll be detailing some of the key areas of focus for retail security.

Dealing With Large Volumes of People

It is absolutely essential for those working in retail security to be able to assess large volumes of people quickly and efficiently. Every hour there will be swathes of people entering and exiting the store – a security officer must be able to use their better judgement to assess the risk posed by each and every one of these people moving through the store. They will then need to identify any number of potential threats and shoplifters from the crowd and monitor them.

It can be difficult without experience to assess large numbers, but a fully trained security officer will be able to effectively protect the retail space. Likewise, an officer must also be able to keep an eye on the stock in the store and the staff, ensuring that nothing is amiss there either. A good retail security officer has to be thinking about each individual aspect of the store’s security at once, not overlooking anything.

Customer Relations

Not only does a retail security officer have to assess the risks posed by large volumes of people, but because they form part of the store staff they will also have to have good customer service skills. An amiable security officer will go further in the retail sector than an unfriendly one. Retail security officers must balance a personable nature with their security responsibilities.

For instance, if a security officer has a suspicion of and then approaches a shopper who turns out to be doing nothing wrong, it will help the store no end if the officer is polite in their discussion with the shopper. A polite approach will ensure the customer isn’t offended and soon returns to the store to shop again. Getting the balance right between friendliness and securing the premises can be a difficult line to tread, but essential.

CCTV Operations

As a result of how large scale retail operations can be, security officers will need to know how to operate CCTV systems to fulfil their role effectively. A familiarity with this technology system is essential, therefore. CCTV can provide retail security with the ability to monitor wider areas and to inconspicuously track potential shoplifters throughout the store. Those who are adaptable and attentive will go far in the profession.

Immaculate Presentation and Personal Bearing

Perhaps the most important characteristic of a retail security officer is the immaculate presentation and personal bearing that is expected of them. Because a security officer will be present in the store at all times, they will consequently be part of the store’s image and an ambassador for the brand. A smart attire and an enthusiastic approach to their work will be essential, therefore, in welcoming customers to the store and ensuring that they feel comfortable to return again.

Also, how a security officer responds to potential security threats is of great importance. Potentially brand damaging actions could result from hasty actions, so a security officer must have both a steady, controlled personal bearing as well as the ability to attentively manage a retail space to minimise threats and preclude offending. Working through positive personal interaction and excellent people skills, combined with the attentiveness stated above, security officers can help to maximise productivity in the store and enhance its image.