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Manned guarding

provide the necessary man and muscle power to your premises in case of an emergency, intrusion or accident. Majority of business premises or sites today are remotely monitored through closed circuit cameras. But this cannot be used as a replacement to an on-site guard who is physically present on the premise and can quickly respond and jump to action in case of any breach or accident. Manned Security Services gives your premise an added layer of protection against trespassing on your property.

  • Security Guards
  • Security Guard
  • Security Receptionist
  • Retail security staff
  • Access control and/or Gate house duties
  • Private Security
  • Site Security Services

Even if technology prevails everywhere today, manned security doesn’t lose significance. We fully understand needs of the clients and thus, offer incredibly high levels of services by blending technology and basic security aspects.

Our fleet of SIA trained officers contains highly skilled guards with a thorough background check done.