Boarding Up Company

Securing a property or site that has been breached is imperative. Often, a short-term solution is needed immediately after and this is why QRS have a rapid boarding up service for when these cases arise.

As part of our void property and Mobile response service, when a window is broken at a property, we are able to respond quickly by securing the property with boarding in order to ensure it’s secure until more permanent measures can be taken.

QRS offers full emergency boarding services in Gateshead, Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham and have extensive experience of boarding properties with 100’s of clients over the years.

Boarding up a property becomes important after a burglary and serious crime incident and we have this service included with a number of other security arrangements that we provide, including Manned Guarding and Mobile Patrols.

This is a much cheaper alternative to things like metal grids in terms of preventing the chances of future vandalism.

For more information on our Boarding Up service, get in touch today and we’ll be delighted to explain in more detail.